Thursday, 19 February 2009


sorry pluggin my own father but if you look on this website for Viv Hardwick you can find all the audio inteviews he done

this ones with Sir Ian McKellen

Home thoughts of ADD

just got back to the old house in Hoxton was good fun back in darlo but was fun cause got to interst from 2 gallerys to show some off my new art work :-)

ive sent them some new work like this

hope ya like

New Music has bin a little dry went to see Emmy the Great Fucking awful had a little chat with one off the the support bands who told us that his nickname for her was Emmy the NOT so greattaken at Nambucca by tOm but he did say they where nice people so good luck to um :-)

My dads a big fan othese Empire of the Sun and this song is not to bad shame about the dodgey soctuemes :-S

well thats it for the mo off to the job centre they make u feel like a crimainal :-(